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a new business that helps to deliver the ROI of connected assets within the food & drink industry.

Are you frustrated at the difficulty in deploying and executing a connectivity program for PoS assets?


assets365 offers two unique innovations providing solutions to these problems:

A new data model offering unrivaled access to key IoT, commercial, and operational data.

A new operational model offering remote and in-field managed services, designed to leverage our clients’ key IoT, commercial, and operational data on their behalf.

let us put your data to work!

assets365 not only offers unique opportunities to analyze data, but will carry out the necessary actions for you, whether that’s correcting an asset register, co-ordinating activity with store owners, or carrying out fixes in the field.


assets365 is a company born of deep experience in the industry. The company’s management team previously worked at Nexo, a leading IoT solution vendor, and Life Cycle, Latin America’s largest refrigeration asset management company. 

Our new business, however, works completely independently of any other and proactively seeks partnerships across the food  & drink ecosystem - hardware vendors, service companies, merchandisers and OEMs.

our aim is to leverage IoT data, realizing operational excellence and tangible results.






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