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we are the Remote Asset Management company. We ensure our customers realize the benefits of their IoT investments by designing and executing the actions needed to deliver value.

Are you frustrated at the difficulty in deploying and executing a connectivity program for PoS assets?


A common problem within our customers is that there is a gap between the ability to generate data and the ability to realise its value. That gap is the ability to design and execute the actions that deliver the benefits of the data.

Remote Asset Management is our solution to this problem.

let us put your data to work!

Remote Asset Management is a combination of skills, people and technology. Our skills involve designing processes and ways of working that leverage the utility of data – such as consultancy to design KPI targets and metrics, workflow design, data solution architecture, data analysis, etc. Then there are the people who execute the services that leverage the utility of the data – people who monitor, schedule, call, report, etc.  Lastly there is our technology that supports this partnership model with an enterprise customer - Control Tower.


assets365 is a company born of deep experience in its industry. The company’s management team previously worked at Nexo, a leading IoT solution vendor, and Life Cycle, Latin America’s largest refrigeration asset management company. 

Our business is independent in nature and proactively seeks partnerships across the food  & drink industry - hardware vendors, IoT platform providers, service companies, merchandisers and OEMs.

our aim is to leverage IoT data, realizing operational excellence and tangible results.






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