• audit assets more efficiently in compliance with financial regulations

  • near real time view of asset inventory status

  • identify missing assets and reduce write-offs from asset loss

  • deployment history over time to ensure assets are being fully utilized in the field

  • heat maps of cooler distribution

  • field rep activity monitoring tools

To maximize returns, commercial and operational recommendations are provided on capacity and positioning of equipment, alongside analysis of positive and negative customer and consumer behavior.

optimizing your assets

Our advanced algorithm alerts you to genuine unauthorised movement of your assets, whilst our unique predictive analytics give you enhanced warning of the likelihood of assets going astray.

Our unrivaled commercial analysis warns you if customer and consumer behaviors may be adversely impacting sales and presents you with opportunities to proactively respond and protect your revenues and margins.


Our smart devices provide a continuous picture of asset health. Alerts and
situation-specific actions are in place to give you
data-led tactics and prompts.

Providing you with details of assets that have broken down, or are likely to, you can 
act swiftly to minimise sales losses, improve sales, while reducing the cost of ownership and maintenance.



  • remotely monitor operational in-service health of coolers and receive alarms if faults identified

  • insight into cooler servicing needs

  • viewable by service engineer, company or OEM

Designed alongside bottlers, the Discovery platform (previously branded as Nexo Discovery) takes the effort out of analysis, enabling you to make an instant impact on operational efficiency and sales.

View and control all your marketing equipment with a comprehensive view of all asset location data, via interactive maps, data filters and individual equipment profiles.

A powerful search and filter tool enables the segmentation of marketing equipment estates in any way that you choose, including geographical, divisional, OEM, or brand groups.


  • key commercial data from foot traffic, door openings & product temperature logs

  • absolute & relative performance

  • key trend analysis

  • asset utilization to understand if investment is being maximized

  • view retailer behavior that affects quality of product & understand impact on commercial performance

  • action plans & recommendations to drive incremental revenue, such as whether to move or increase/decrease cooler capacity


stock compliance

  • identification of purity issues

  • alerts re competitor or foreign product being sold

  • monitoring of planogram compliance

  • stock level indication






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