The Inside Track

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we are delighted to share with you the fifth interview in our series of interviews with industry leaders - The Inside Track


We chatted with Yili Wu, CEO of SandStar,

the AI company that provides industry-leading computer vision technology to asset owners and retailers.

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We chatted with Dean Brown, from the Australian one-stop solution provider Kingloc, about the challenges it has seen and taken on in benefiting from IoT.


We chatted with Anna Tsogka, of Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP), about its connectivity program and the challenges experienced deploying and executing it.


We chatted with Enric de Francisco Arbeloa, of Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company (ECCBC), about its connectivity program and the challenges experienced deploying and executing it.


In our first interview Geoff Morley, our CEO, discusses why we started assets365. He details how our solution has been designed to fill the gap between the ability to generate data and the ability to realise its value.


Sigfox - Bertrand Ramé, Senior Vice President, International


Lucozade Ribena Suntory - Daphne Stopforth, Chilled Solutions Manager

interview archive...

Over the years our team have interviewed our clients to bring you an insight into how leaders at global brands have imagined the potential of connected assets, managed the deployment programs sensitively, and communicated this clearly to their teams.


We are pleased to continue to make these interviews available, and feel the opinions expressed within still hold considerable value for all those embarking on the evaluation and deployment of connectivity programs.


Carlsberg Croatia - Karen Shevchenko, Business Development Director


Andina Chile - Cristian Araya Tobar, Head of Cooler Operations


Sigma Alimentos - Arturo Tapia, Director of Commercial Transformation


Quilmes - Carlos Arango, Commercial Capex Director