why are the world's leading brands choosing assets365?

  • we deliver tangible improvements in assets' ROI, and sales & technical operations

  • we deliver our solutions at scale, not just as Proof-of-Concepts

  • we accelerate time to value, regardless of legacy systems, hardware or platform preferences

  • we integrate seamlessly with your digital transformation strategy and all relevant partners

three reasons why assets365 delivers what others cannot...



We recognize that customers have multiple IT and OT systems across their enterprise as well as different franchises/operating companies that may select their own chocie of either specialised IoT vendors or Cloud providers. Our solution, utilizing our Control Tower digital workspace, is designed to be interoperable with any IoT hardware, existing systems, vendor specific IoT platforms (including our own if so desired) or Cloud IoT platforms. This allows customers the flexibility to benefit from our solution in tandem with any IoT offering without being locked into a data silo.

The focus for our team is to test processes and prove, with high degrees of accuracy, which practices can then be applied in the field. Often data-driven models prove valuable in PoCs and pilots but fail to scale into production. assets365's operating model provides customers with a practical, proven and secure approach to scale and ensure repeatable improvements across assets and operations.

applied analytics




We don't just suggest what should happen, we ensure it DOES happen!

  • We provide feedback loops to prove the accuracy of our data analysis and validate the business case

  • We interact with your ecosystem (including your partners) to ensure all relevant processes are carried out

  • We automate the complete working cycle from sensor to process delivery of asset tracking and asset performance (both technical and commercial), significantly increasing value delivered to both you AND your customers